Farmaceutici DAMOR S.p.A. 

Farmaceutici Damor is an historical Italian Pharmaceutical Company, founded in 1943.

In 1946 the study and the discovery of the clinical properties of the extract of Triticum Vulgare began, inspired by the theories of the scientist Volodomir Filatov (which identified and defined the “Biostimulins”)

All living tissue, cut from its support and kept in conditions of difficult survival, will create substances that will make it possible for the tissue to survive.

Volodomir Filatov, 1875 - 1956

In 2017, an innovative and proprietary process of extraction from Triticum Vulgare seed was developed and patented. The extract obtained is currently used in various forms as Triticum Vulgare Extract (Farmaceutici Damor patent).

We are focused on discovering the benefits that the Aqueous Extract of Triticum Vulgare (Farmaceutici Damor patent) can bring to the human organism and to allow the largest portion of the eligible population to have access to our Products.

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